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Psychoeducational Works

I and the Other

The "I and the Other" symposium was held in April 2009. Its scientific part has been prepared by an experienced psychologist , group psychotherapist Leyla Navaro. The symposium aimed to bring academicians from different disciplines together and to examine the concept of othering from interdisciplinary perspectives as well as providing group experience to the participants.

In the practical part, group therapists divided all participants into small groups and studied their experience of othering and being other.

Among the speakers were Leyla Navaro,  Assoc. Prof. Dr. Leyla Neyzi,. Prof. Dr. Örsan Öymen , Prof. Binnaz Toprak, Prof. Dr. Fuat Keyman, Assoc. Prof Dr. Yeşim Korkut.


Strengthening the Migrant Family

Preventing the development of mental disorders and working for the strengthening of the individual and the family are amongst preventive studies. In this context, Korkut conducted a study in Switzerland between 1993-1997. She obtained permission from AÇEV for his doctorate study at the University of Zurich at the time. The results of this project were presented at AÇEV, and in the following years AÇEV successfully carried out similar applications in Switzerland (in the same region of Switzerland). The results of this doctoral study were reported in a book by Pro Juventute (1997). During the time it was published, it shed light on many works.

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