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Professor Dr. Yeşim Korkut is a clinical psychologist.


Korkut is a psychoanalyst member of IPA (International Psychoanalytical Association) and Psike-İstanbul Psychoanalysis Training, Research and Development Association; she is also a training  and supervising analyst.


Yesim Korkut worked as program  coordinator in the areas of Clinical Psychology and Health Psychology in the period when she worked full time in state and private universities.

She has currently part-time affiliation with Laureate International Bilgi University Clinical Psychology program.


For many years Yeşim Korkut was the chair of the Turkish Psychological Association Ethics Committee. Prof. Dr. Korkut, is a member of EFPA Board of Ethics, the representative of Turkey. She is currently chair of the Ethics Committee of Psike-İstanbul Psychoanalysis Training and Research Association. Korkut is also a  member of the International Association of Applied Psychology (IAAP) Ethics Committee.


Yeşim Korkut also has the certificate of EuroPsy - European Psychotherapy specialty.

Korkut is an experienced therapist working with individuals since 1992, as well as couples and families .


She knows English and German and can conduct therapy in English.

"Words that touch, bring time to life"

Danielle Quinodoz, 2003

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